Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Again and more

The dogs woke me up at 2:30 am to go outside. They have a dog door but with the winter cold I've put in the block to keep things warmer in the house and critters out. The price I pay for this is middle of the night trips to go outside some nights.

Sure we had heard the reports that there were snow possibilities for Thursday but I figured since it had been raining and the ground cold that anything that made it to the valley floor would just melt. I got up to about 1/4 of an inch and big fat fluffy flakes falling.

It will be interesting to see how much survives until I get up.

Brandon and I enjoyed going through OMSI with adults only in their After Dark program. We didn't play with many of the games or their standard exhibits, just spent out time going through the Da Vinci exhibits. Pretty cool stuff. Not the actual things that Da Vinci created but replicas made by others and a few of his notebooks on display in glass cases. Some of the replicas had 'do not touch' signs, and I had to repeat the sign info to one gentleman with his hands on a display, it was a long handle up in the area and the sign on the display - he thought the sign should have been higher. They did have replicas that they did allow you to play with. Looking at his drawing of muscles and the digestive system blown up on the walls were fairly impressive. I also enjoyed how the various bits and parts of the Mona Lisa painting were explained.

The gift store was wisely left open to visitors. Brandon and went through and after looking at the various items related to the exhibit there was really nothing that 'had' to come home with us. The exhibit booklet was deemed just a repeat of the information he already had. I don't remember there being any signs about not taking photos, but didn't notice anyone else taking pictures, so no camera came out to show our visit.

There was a brief visit at Haggen's to pick up more ice cream for the boys and to get my bushing from Sharon. There weren't as many people there this week as last. The ebb and flow of people can be fun to watch. There was a lot of interest in Carissa's dyed roving that Kathleen brought in to share. The Cupcake Factory will probably be seeing some more business. Haggen's had a shopping cart with reduced price plants - purple calla lillies, of course one had to come home with me!

3:30 am, after spending time looking at updated blogs, replies in Rav since I went to bed and my Shelfari with the finished book, I'm about to stumble back in bed to get some more sleep and look out the patio. Even more fat fluffy flakes are falling and the patio that had been just wet is starting to get covered.

What will I wake up to find?

7:30 am I find that there are even more fat fluffy flakes falling.
9:00 am the sun is out. Now how quickly will it all melt away?

Snow Pictures as a collage in time order:

ps: Is it just my gmail spam box that gets LOTS of emails from women that are concerned about my orgasms and want me to buy the jack rabbit vibrator or what?


  1. Ha! You and I were both up at the same time last night. The snow was beautiful, and more beautiful because I knew it wouldn't last. So pretty!

    Overall, was the OMSI thing worth it? We couldn't go this month, so thinking about it for next month.

  2. I'm so jealous of your snow! It's 70 and raining here.

    I'll trade spambots with you - earlier this week I was innundated with emails pushing diet pills and telling me that "fat isn't attractive." They were giving me a complex!

  3. I think we got snow in March last year too, so we aren't out of the woods yet for more white stuff.

    Oregonians prefer temps in the 65-70 range. ;^)

    You're right! Much prefer someone worried about my orgasms than being rude and telling that I'm fat and unattractive!