Sunday, February 8, 2009

More chocolate? Read on....

The Whole Foods in the Tanasbourne community area has the following upcoming events to enjoy:
"Thursday February 12th
5-8 p.m. $5 donation
Chocolate Fest
ChocolateFest is a storewide tasting event featuring an array of decadent chocolate concoctions, and as an added benefit, supports your community!

Purchase a $5 "passport" ticket at the door, and enjoy exclusive samples of chocolate-inspired food and products found throughout our location. All proceeds from this event directly benefit ChristieCare, one of the oldest continuously operating non-profit agencies serving children and families in Oregon. A bonus at our location: Hand and Stone Spa will be with on hand to perform brief chair massages.

For more information about ChristieCare, please visit

For additional information about ChocolateFest, stay tuned! Menus will be available the week preceding the event.

Friday, February 13th
Sampling Session: Sweets and Bubblies for your Valentine

12-3 pm Free
Looking for that last minute treat for your sweetie? We will be pouring from a selection of sparkling wines and sampling our best treats. Taste it first yourself so your Valentine will be sure to be satisfied."

I'm making it a date with the DH Thursday night event and checking out Friday's sampling for possibilities for the weekend.

New Season's chocolate: didn't like the coconut-curry chocolate but the chili and cherries was good! I liked the toffee and almond milk chocolate. Brandon liked the chai choclate too.


  1. I didn't see the coconut curry chocolate, but I got to New Seasons after 4pm today, so not sure if anything had run out. The chai chocolate was yummy, and I like the holland mints and the other mint and chocolate bar.
    I was thinking of checking out the chocolate fest at whole foods as well :) and the Fri. event sounds fun (I like my wine to have bubbles!)

  2. The curry flavor was so strong I asked for something to take away the flavor. They gave me a bit of the chocolate-mint and I never tasted the mint over the curry. Oh my!

    I like sweet wines, not dry. Wine coolers work, don't they often have bubbles? I'm going to try for noon-ish on Friday.

  3. Are you going on Thursday? I think this sounds like fun!!

  4. Yup! Brandon and I are going! I put it on his calendar and everything. I'll meet him there and we'll do that and probably pick up dinner too.

    Looks like a nice inexpensive 'date' option. ;^) I hope we get to see you and Owen there too!