Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Row Karma Scarf

I finished up the One Row Karma Scarf last night. I soaked it in hot water and got a few extra inches out of the soak. It's only 46 inches long so drapes around the neck and a decent length down the chest. It's intended for a teenage girl, so hopefully it will work for her:

Today there was spinning at Panera Bread again. We had three spinners and one knitter. A nice mix. ;^) I plied up the Abstract Fibers BFL in the Shady Glade colorway. Lovely greens and blues. I decided to also n-ply this yarn and I think it came out nicely. It's resting on the bobbin and will come off tomorrow and have a nice hot soak and see how much there is to play with.

I then started in on the last of the Abstract Fibers sample - Superwash Merino in the Autumn colorway. Mine is lacking in the green and so if I wanted to I could call it Sunset another colorway she has that just lacks the green. ;^) The colors are coming out really vivid. I think I'll also n-ply this one.

Before going to the spinning group I had knit one of the Cranes for the Knitnotwar that Knit/Purl is doing for the month. I'm going to use some of my leftover Cascade 220 from the Cascade Lizard Ridge blanket. It's a nice quick easy knit that just needs to be felted. I'm going to use these as a break in between scarf projects. ;^)

I had also started another project that will be nameless until after it is given since the giftee is also known to look at my blog, reading, I'm not sure. So that safe rather than sorry thing. Why am I mentioning it then? Because they use the same needle size as the cranes. I'd started it and then put it on the craft table so it wasn't visible while I was gone. Silly me, I left the needles with the yarn.

I had stopped at Jo-Ann's on my way over to Haggen's to try to find a copy of the Simply Knitting magazine. They were all out of them, or they hadn't yet come in. I did use my 40% off coupon to get a copy of Interweave's Piecework. They had been advertising the Baby Inca Hat. Interesting article on knitting two socks at once - inside each other, I don't think I'm ready for that. No knitting needles meant that I did a lot of socializing - fondling finished projects - knit and spun and looking through the magazine. Rachel had also brought along some 'free yarn' from Debby Accuardi. I picked up a couple of sock yarns:

A sock kit - pattern, yarn and beads:

Tiggywinkleknits also had given me an almost full skein of Paton's Beehive Baby Sport in white so that I can make Ruby the Snowgirl a husband. I'll also make her another friend, since the pattern is a grouping of three. ;^)

Tomorrow there's knitting with the Insomnia group but even better than that, a book signing at Powell's! Patricia Briggs is in town again for her new book Bone Crossed. A Mercy Thompson book out in hard back. I of course have had it on request to be shipped from the SciFi Book Club for a month now. They of course wouldn't ship it out until its release date of the 3rd. Anyone seeing where I'm going with this yet? Yes, the price I have to pay for getting it cheaper (saving $11 off the list price) is that it will probably arrive on my doorstep on Friday. It at least shows that it shipped today where it hadn't yesterday, so more likely arrival is Saturday. I do have a book for her to sign (all the other ones were done last year) and it will be fun to hear her do a reading and the Q&A. Might even get to say hi to another local author - Lili Saintcrow, she often comes to these events too.


  1. If you're talking about the Simply Knitting magazine from England, you can also purchase it at Barnes & Noble, although the one where I purchase mine still hasn't put out the February issue yet. I buy that magazine every month, I like the little goodies that come with it!

    amyinoregon on Ravelry

  2. Thank you Amy! I knew that B&N sold the Simply Knitting. I was just hoping to get it at a discount by using the coupons at Jo-Anns. I've gotten several issues there in the past that way.

    It is great that they have the little goodies. I think one month I saw they had a set of Clover bamboo needles.

    I'll probably have to pay to have them ship me the Alan Dart gnome insert from what I understand. I'll also check out B&N on the 13th when his new book is supposed to be released.

  3. I read the sock within a sock article. It's a cool trick, but I can't see actually doing it. One false step, and you've got socks attached to each other. I suppose you could make two different colored socks; that would keep it honest! And then a second pair of socks to match the first...

  4. That scarf is amazing! Very cool.