Sunday, February 15, 2009

Booby Socks Progress

I finished working on sock #1 on Valentines. William was happy because we spent the day watching movies and shows. Okay, not so much on the shows because they were my shows but he was eventually happy to get to watch some movies.

The Zitron Trekking has little white 'hairs' that float out of the yarn and make me think I have Norbert hair on them until I pull it and find out its attached to the yarn. It feels soft yet scratchy. I have hopes that the soak when both are done will help soften them up a bit.

This is the first sock that I've done that the pattern didn't continue down the top of the foot. So the leg seems to fly because of the pattern and the foot just seemed to drag on. This was also my first star toe. I followed the instructions because the 'pull through the last 8 stitches' makes a 'nipple' for the toe tip. I think if I were not following the pattern I'd do a kitchener stitch bindoff.

I immediately strung the beads and then cast on for the second sock so that I can get these done and in the hands of the recipient. They truly are just 'too pink' for me.
Blocking will also take out the pouffy sections that are showing right now. I may have to make some sock blockers to be happy with this sock. ;^)

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  1. OMG, that sock is too funny! A nipple toe??? LOL!