Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Week!

Tuesday night I went down and hung out at Ava Roasteria with Carissa, Queen of the Cupcakes, and Sheliaknits. Nancy and another girl were there too but I'm terrible with names and it didn't stick. We ended up in the one and only booth in a surprisingly busy establishment. I worked on the booby sock while Shelia shared Madrona experiences and Carissa tried to find a stitch pattern to create a sock. Carissa is doing monthly meetings and I'm looking forward to next month's.

Wednesday was a very full day with spinning in the afternoon at Starbuck's. I had fun with Tammy and plying. Picked up the yummy yak/merino and more camel. I finished up the bit of camel that I had leftover from last week. I'll be spinning the second two ounces on Saturday at the Spinnerati meeting at Central Library. We're also going to learn about long draw techniques. I may just have to watch as my second bobbin is currently out of commission. I'd found this strange round black plastic piece of few days ago. Put it some place safe. Then discovered that it's the bushing for the waiting bobbin. So do you think I could find that safe place I put it in?

Thankfully, Sharon (Stitchjones) is visiting family in Spokane and is picking me up a replacement one from Paradise Fibers. $1.75 is cheaper than buying a new bobbin ($29) for a borrowed wheel. ;^)

When I came home I saw that neighbor Dwight had filled up his yard debris can with wood from his flutes. I spied that there were wood bits that would be big enough for some new niddy-noddys that I'm asking Brandon to make for me. One for me and a couple to sell I think.

Wednesday night I tried to finish up the preemie hat test knit for Karen but things were jumping at Haggen's! We had lots of people there and lots of fun/interesting conversations going on. When I took a look at it I saw a couple of mistakes in the results so I frogged it and recast on. I finished it up this morning before going to Insomnia for the Thursday afternoon knitting:

While at Insomnia I cast on a sock that tests the pattern (Tree Bark)with Abstract Fibers sock yarn. Susan has a Portland line of yarns with bridge names and I'm using the Burnside Bridge colorway in her Super Socks line. Very nice yarn! I also got to pick out a skein of sock yarn as my payment. It's from her Mighty Socks line called Constellation. I need to have the sock done in time for Cindy to photograph and get the pattern pages ready for them to go to Stitches West. These yarns along with the rovings and some charity yarn and I'm feeling fiberlicious this week:

The sock is flying on the needles and is a fun knit. I also get to try out a new heel style so learning something new too!


  1. They sound like a couple of fun women to hang out with and knit. You have had a knitterful and spinnerful week here. :)

  2. the colors of the yarn look great!

    Spinning at starbucks sounds fun :)



  3. I was so glad you came! The "other girl" is Christy. She's our token non-conformist. :-) I think she's come to every meeting since we started in September and I haven't seen her knit once. (she knows how...just always brings other arty things).

    I added you to the e-mail group and sent out the next few dates. We may even be able to car pool next month since you and I will be pretty close.

    See you later today!