Friday, February 6, 2009

Fan chic squee

I love Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series and her latest book comes out the end of this month on the 23rd, White Witch, Black Curse. She's been kind of having these Dirty Harry-ish titles that are fun. Looking at her event page, because Powell's is currently only showing February, she's going to be in town on March 3rd!

You know where I'll be on that date - bright and early so I get a good seat too! I may even be lucky enough since its not just a couple days after the book release that the Science Fiction Book Club will have shipped it and I will have received it in time to have it on hand to be signed. As it is I'll have last year's Outlaw Demon Wails in hand to be signed.

I have an email into Powell's to find out about April to see if they'll have Jim Butcher back for his new book Turn Coat. Fingers crossed on that one. He has early events that Scifi should be able to ship that one and have it arrive in plenty of time for a book signing, if they have one. Please let them have one! Pretty please? He was really awesome last year!

ETA: This just in from Powell's "We don’t have an event with Jim Butcher currently scheduled for the months ahead, and I don’t think we’ll be fortunate enough to host him for this book." Darn it!


  1. It looks like March 3rd is a Tues. so I won't be able to go :( I actually started reading Kim Harrison's books because I tagged along with a friend who was going to a booksigning at Powell's (I think it was for the 4th book, it was before the Powell's on Cedar Hills opened).

  2. If you want to get me your books to be signed, I can take them in with my two. They weren't limiting books to be signed last night, oddly enough.

    I started with the first book and am looking forward to several more. ;^)