Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

I plied the hydrangea roving and have started on the Shady Glade BFL sample. Here's the finished Hydrangea Yarn:

The single above and then I N-plied it for the following:

Approximately 23 yards of light fingering weight yarn. I'm thinking it should make a nice coffee cozy.

I've put lots of inches on the One Row Karma Scarf. I may be able to finish it later tonight. I still need to do some work on the baby alpaca so we'll see. (Would like to comb it with the mini combs or the dog combs whichever feels best.) I had used the dog combs to comb out the Shady Glade similar to the previously combed Hydrangea. There's a full ounce of it so I'm planning to do two singles and then ply together. Though I do like the color block results from n-plying the Hydrangea....tough decisions to make. First that alpaca.....

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  1. Please share this on the Abstract fiber Rav forum! We need more posts!

    PS I will be late to spinning tomorrow, I have an allergist appt at 2 :/