Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brandon's Valentine

Last year it was a tiny knitted heart - seamless even. This year I thought I'd go a little bigger. I had the 'heart tattoo' sitting in my queue. I had leftover red and yellow from the Cascade Lizard Ridge Blanket. I even had stuffing laying around - not the de-stuffed kind from the dog toys either. ;^)

So it was simply a matter of trying to get this knit when it wouldn't be seen and then also keeping it off the blog when I remembered he shows co-workers my stuff. Once the bits were knit then it was sewing up the heart.

Mental note, figure out how to do something like this using short rows for the bumps so that it can be knit in one piece. I mean the bumps kind of remind me of sock toes, so two toe pieces and a heel piece for the bottom. Isn't this totally romantic?

I decided that doing the stitching on the banner piece should happen before it was sewn onto the heart. Did a stab at where to start and realized half way through that I should have started a little closer to the edge. Oh well, it worked out fine and was a learning experience.

I did make the executive decision not to try to use some of the white Cascade 220 I bought to knit and then felt the wings. I mean knit a square and then cut out what you need after felting? Why? When I piece of felt was .25 a square. With nice little sparkles in it too.

Here's the final results, he'll get that and a bag of Conversation Hearts (he loves those) and a Star Wars book:

I have a lovely new photo in a very nice frame of Brandon as my gift. ;^)