Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More snow?! Salmon Dave Sunset Highway Scarf

Well I guess its appropriate that I finish up a scarf and that its snowing outside. It's cold enough to snow, but the ground was wet/dry so not a huge amount of accumulation going on:

Here's Salmon Dave Sunset Highway Scarf. It's made with Stitchjones Superwash Dyepot Worsted in the Salmon Dave colorway and Kathleen Fajardo's Sunset Highway Scarf pattern. Both local ladies doing wonderful things with yarn. I ended up with 72 inches of blocked goodness using up all but 6 inches of the skein. I got a wrap around the neck and still nice chest coverage (no pics of that because I hate doing mirror shots):

That's scarf #2 out of four hoped for the month. I would like to also get a shawl going that's included in the scarf/shawl focus of the month. March is socks. ;^)

ps: something else is almost done as you can see by the progress bar, there's new pics, just can't see them unless you go into the project on Ravelry. Think its coming along nicely.

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