Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Booby Socks!

Yea! They are done and all wrapped up and ready to be delivered this afternoon. I'll give them to Brandon or Ron, to then be passed on to Denise (Ron's wife). Interesting knit, not sure I'll do it again or not. I do have more pink sock yarn intended for Breast Cancer Awareness but I have a different pattern I can use for those. Janel Laidman's Hope Socks from her Eclectic Sole book.

Here they are - Booby Sock by Rosemary "Chappy" Chapman, Yarn Zitron Trekking Sport XXL, needles US 1:

There's spinning this afternoon with more work on the camel. I'll be picking up from Tammy the yak/merino and baby camel top she picked up from Madrona last week. I'm also going to try my hand at teaching someone else a spinning technique. Since my n-plying is fresh in my head, Bobbie thought I could show Tammy how to do it. We have some practice yarn to try out before she jumps into the intended yarn.

I also want to finish a test knit preemie hat for Karen since she handed out the pattern last Wednesday. My only excuse is that I cast on last Wednesday that Booby Socks. ;^) I'll also pick up a sock test knit from Susan. It's one of Cindy's patterns that Susan is going to carry.


  1. I have a perfect single for her to practice with too! it's the end of the rainbow roving I was working on. I'll bring it today!

  2. I love how you wrapped the socks up. What a good idea!