Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tree Bark Sock & Spinnerati! and more......

Saturday was another full day of fibery fun. I was zipping along finishing up Cindy/Susan's Tree Bark Sock test knit as well as planning to spend a few hours spinning. Spinning was a blast! While I didn't try the long draw spinning with cotton, I did take pics. I put them into a collage, determined by Picassa, so don't complain if your pic is small and someone else's is big!

They were using cotton poonis or cotton supima sections to try out this new spinning skill. I think there was a lot of success and frustration. I only had the one bobbin so didn't try my hand.

After Spinnerati I met Brandon at Tosis Restaurant for dinner before heading to Cosmic Monkey Comics for the Boo Yaa Awards. Tosis had lots of older people as mentioned in the article I linked to, but don't let that stop you from going there. I ordered the beef tips and was unpleasantly surprised to find green peppers in them. So I set the plate aside and was nibbling on Brandon's french fries. I'd had a cup of soup and a slice of bread so was going to make do. The manager/owner, older Greek sounding woman, spotted the plate and came over to check on what was up. I explained that it had peppers in it and that I couldn't eat them and that I was just going to take it home for the dogs. She insisted on having a cheeseburger made for me at no charge. The proceeded to watch over the cook hurrying him along and then finishing it up and presenting it to me herself. In general I don't eat cheeseburgers (I know how unAmerican of me!) but this was pretty good. I think it really makes a difference if real cheese rather than the cheesefood crap that others use is why. I'm impressed that there are still places like this around!

We found close parking to Cosmic Monkey Comics and then spent the next half an hour waiting for things to start. They were supposed to start at 7pm but didn't get rolling until 7:30pm. As promised Brandon had no problem with me finding a corner to call my own and start knitting. There I was on the floor (no seating for this event apparently) knitting away on my Holding Hands Scarf and I had one lady ask me the name of the stitch I was using - star. Then an older male couple asked me "is everything ok?" Puzzled look, "yes, is there a reason why they wouldn't be?" I replied back. "Well you're sitting over here knitting on the floor." I replied, but the deal was that the DH got to come and I got to knit, "I'm knitting, so I'm happy." Couple wanders off with confused looks on their faces.

Then during one of the breaks the photographer on hand spots me and checks that it is okay that he takes my photograph. Sure, why not? DH has also, so what's one more? ;^) (Not sure if it will make the light of day somewhere.)Then I spot Rick Emerson with his wife. So my hand slips into the coat pocket for the camera phone so that I can kinnear him. I send the photo to Brandon who later shows it to Rick. Rick doesn't know what 'kinnearing' is but tells me that he's 'honored' to be in with the likes of Greg Kinnear. Also throws out the word - creepy, but then is horrified that he may have offended me. (It will take a bit more than that to offend!) Brandon listens to Rick's podcasts every day or live when he gets the chance.

I ended up having my headache (started earlier in the loud echoing meeting room during spinning) come back with a vengeance and so I take myself and my knitting home so I can finish the sock. This is where it turns out to be serendipitous for us to have two cars. I could leave and Brandon could stay.

Back home to finish up the Tree Bark Sock test knit. I had found a few things in the pattern for Cindy to clarify and I got to learn a new heel flap - eye of partridge. This is a nice fast knit and the yarn is yummy to knit and wear. Okay, it's hard to get the total feel out of one sock, but you know what I mean. Yarn is Abstract Fiber Super Sock in the Burnside Bridge colorway. The sock!
Delivered to Cindy Sunday morning for more photos and such.


  1. Ha! It may not be PC, but I'll say it anyway - those folks were Muggles! ;o) Yeah, I'm pretty much happy anywhere I'm knitting, too.

  2. Looks like you had a great day spinning & knitting!