Friday, February 6, 2009

Book Signing & WIPs & a yarn

Which order to go in? ...........ok

I arrived at the book signing at 6:30pm and was surprised to see over half of the seats filled. Last year when she was there I think there was a modest 15 people. That has clearly changed! So I didn't get a seat as close as I would have liked, and the only end seat was on the outside (aisle is best, you know for getting into the actual signing line).

Patty opted not to do a repeat of last year and attempt to sit on the stool provided especially since she's had back surgery since then. There was a twenty minute reading and then she moved into the Q&A portion. We learned that there are three more books for this series and at least two for the other that ties into this one. Yea!

Powell's opted to do the free-for-all get in line method that they hadn't been using for a lot of the book signings I've been to over the last couple years. Usually there's the orderly 'get in line by row'. If they had gone that route I would have missed chatting with Honor while we waited to get our books signed.

Honor was there to get books signed for a friend who lives in Florida and couldn't wait until Patty is there in October for them to be signed. Nice friend! Turns out that Honor has in the past tatted and been involved with SCA. While a child there was few years spent living in Australia where the neighbor taught her mother how to shear sheep and then spin and knit so she had a sheep to sweater that as she said had tons of lanolin still. Mom is getting up in years and no longer spins but still has some of those fleece. I didn't ask after them because honestly I'd be afraid of them this many years old. Honor had walked from MAX and when I found out she lived by the Quatama stop I offered to give her a ride, which she gratefully accepted.

Book signing photos:
blurry because she kept moving!

While at the book signing I completed half of the pink crane and started and finished the yellow crane:
These were fascinating to the five year old little boy sitting in front of me once he noticed that I was knitting. Little carrot top with big brown eyes. He informed me that he was knitting a cat but that it only involved 10 stitches. He asked how many I was working with. ;^)

Since I'd used up both of the crane yarns that I came with and still had plenty of time to spend doing something productive, I cast on the Salmon Dave Sunset Highway Scarf: Yarn is Stitchjones dyepot worsted in the Salmon Dave colorway and the pattern is Kathleen Fajardo's Sunset Highway Scarf. I have spun up Sharon's rovings but this is the first time using one of her yarns. It is delightfully soft and nice to work with. I'm looking forward to using the other two and getting more of her yarns in the future!

Last but not least is the second Abstract Fibers sample yarn I have done, her BFL in Shady Glade colorway. I opted to n-ply it just to see the colors stay the way they were. Definitely get less yardage with this method and I think I got about 31 yards.

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