Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Wrap-Up

All the January "Christmas 2009 Monthly Make Ahead" projects are done! I did two projects yesterday for a total of 22 of ornaments for the month. January was ornament month. February is scarfs and shawls. Okay, it just singular scarf/shawl #1.

So for the last projects done on Friday and Saturday, two knitted balls (quick and easy!), Ruby the SnowGirl (there's a set of three, I only had enough yarn for one), and a snowflake that combines knitting and crochet:

All of the ornaments knit for the month:

let me borrow her mini combs and dog combs to try out with some rovings and I need to comb the baby alpaca from OFF. I was a little distracted by Andy Rooney licking my knees (reminder don't wear a skirt around a tall Parsons terrier with an affinity towards knees and skirts - yes, he has a history, ask her about it) and so missed part of the demonstration on how to use the combs. Brandon was paying attention when he was laughing about Andy.

I've used the dog combs on a roving, because there were color stripes that I thought I might try to keep. This might also make a good sample to do another try at navajo plying:
(Roving is Abstract Fibers merino in the colorway of Hydrangea)

January also included previously shown knits: Teddy Bear Accessories (hat & scarflet), Teddy Bear Sweater, Bambino Baby Hat, Midnight Envy Fingerless Mitts.

Jump starting February's Scarfs is One Row Karma out of drop spindled yarn Karma Chameleon. I showed the three yarns I plan to do the other scarfs out of. I'm also going to attempt to squeeze in a shawl out of the yarn I won from Judy. There's also going to be spinning and techie stuff like web site design, so should be a busy month.

Now I think I need to get away from the computer, its not helping keep this migraine from becoming obnoxious.

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