Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate Fest Night & Booby Socks

Brandon and I went to the Whole Foods Chocolate Fest event tonight. $5 each and this is what we got:

* Spinach Salad with strawberries, nuts and housemade dressing - pretty good, just a little too much dandelion greens.

* Shrimp Cocktail (two big ones!)

* Choice of Jamaican Jerk Beef or Chicken Satay with Masa's Pineapple Sesame Sauce, or there was a ginger sauce that Brandon had. I had beef, Brandon chicken. This was just a little too spicy for me, Brandon liked his.

* Chocolate Mole Wings - we each got one little drumette. They were pretty bland.

* Lula's Truffles & Peppermint Bark - yummy!

* Oak Knoll Framboise - raspberry wine. A little dry for my taste but went well if you drank it after the fondue. ;^)

* Chocolate Fondue - chocolate fountain of chocolate that you got to dip angel food cake into or the totally decadent double chocolate brownie chunks. (The brownie dipped in the fondue was actually a little too much for me.)

* Assorted chocolates - (These were called 'truffles') I went for the milk chocolate and they were great. Brandon liked his dark chocolates.

* Lake Champlain drinking chocolate - less thick and rich than Cacao's. Actually drinkable in quantities larger than a shot.

* Adora Chocolate Disks - these are supposed to be calcium supplements. I had the milk and Brandon had the dark chocolate. We both disliked the weird aftertaste they left. Brandon says its like the cheap chocolate you got as a kid at Easter. He's spoiled by the chocolate tasting they do at work - think Godiva and the like.

* Rogue Chocolate Beer Floats - I'm not a huge float fan, not a huge beer fan and so this wasn't that great for me. Brandon is new to the whole beer thing and didn't care for it either. He thought likes floats. ;^)

They also sent us each home with a bag of goodies:
Two Larabar Jocolat mini-bars(chocolate cherry & chocolate hazelnut); Two ThinkThin mini-bars (chunky peanut butter); Two Dagoba blocks - Sambirano (dark chocolate); Two Green & Black's Organic disks (milk or dark chocolate); 1 whole bar of Dagoba chocolate bar (lemon ginger - crystallized ginger with a hint of lemon).

There was a little Passport that we got stamped at each of the stations. It took us about an hour to go around the store and try out the different areas. We brought home some lobster bisque (for me to try out) and a bottle of hard cider (for Brandon to try) and a Belgian raspberry beer (I like Belgian beer). Definitely try it out if there's one near you next year!

Here's the progress I have on sock number one of the Booby Socks:


  1. Sounds fun :) I was at PSU until 5pm, so ended up going to the Whole Foods in the Pearl (and ran into Rachel & Owen there). I thought the chocolate stout and ice cream was ok (but I am a beer drinker). I also a got a free chocolate-scented candle and a 5 minute chair massage :)

  2. Sounds like you got a lot more food and chocolate. However the massage was totally worth the 5.00 and I needed it bad!

    I posted my fondue recipe for you :)

  3. Rachel - we can work a fiber for massage deal. I have both a chair and a table. ;^)

    I read that! It sounds good! I have planned chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives, a veggie and apple turnovers for dessert.

    I don't have a fondue pot and really should get one because we love it when we're are the Rheinlander.