Monday, February 9, 2009

Autumn, Camel and Cookies

I finished up the Autumn superwash merino sample from Abstract Fibers this weekend. I soaked it and dried it this afternoon. I really need the smaller niddy-noddy for skeining up yarns. The n-plying kept the colors clean for the most part. I did get some muddying while spinning some of it and that still shows through. I think I would have liked a crisper purple color in it. The yellows, oranges and reds are pretty. I did have a bit of green but it didn't show well I think. I ended up with about 48 yards of fingering weight yarn to play with. Not sure exactly what, but nice to know that since it's superwash it won't felt!

I also started spinning the camel up. Boy this stuff is incredibly soft! Fluffy too!

I checked the back yard and the crocuses and daffodils are starting to peak their heads out of the ground. These are the crocuses, they'll be lavender and white streaked when they bloom:

While we were at the New Season's Chocolate Tasting on Sunday I found a cookie that reminds me of our family recipe called 'Wagon Wheels'. I have absolutely no idea why they are called this. New Season's calls them 'Crinkle Cookies'. A darker chocolate is used, or possibly less sugar but very similar to the family recipe. I can get a mini-fix with one or two cookies and not need to make a whole batch, or wait until Christmas and my stepmother bakes.....
Don't wear clothes that will show up the powered sugar sprinkles that you end up wearing. ;^)

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