Friday, February 6, 2009

Pssst.....more chocolate opps

Sorry, if you're not local to the area and aren't fortunate enough to have a New Season's Market close by:

"If chocolate is one of your guilty pleasures then this weekend is for you. This is February, after all, and whether you’re single or taken, it’s only right to honor St. Valentine’s Day with a mouthful of chocolate goodness. Come join your fellow chocolate connoisseurs as we offer nibbles and noshes of more than 50 different types of chocolate. What are the taste and texture differences between two chocolate bars containing the same percentage of cocoa but made by different companies? Do single origin chocolates really taste better than their blended counterparts? Is white chocolate really chocolate? Our solutions staff will be on hand to answer these and other chocolate-related queries.

Still resisting temptation? Give in knowing that the flavanoids in dark chocolate serve as a beneficial antioxidant. High in iron, calcium, potassium and vitamins A, B1, D and E, chocolate is the multivitamin you can look forward to taking every day.

Do you need any other motivation besides FREE CHOCOLATE to join us this weekend? Of course you don't. See you this Saturday and Sunday, 11am until 5pm."

I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend since I'm not going down to Newport to spin.....

ps: anyone catch what the Pioneer Woman is giving away today if you comment on her blog?


  1. Already on my list of things to do this weekend! Maybe I'll see you at the Orenco New Seasons?

  2. I want to live near this store!!!!!

  3. We *are* lucky to have stores like this near by.

    I was only in Germany for four days. I took the train to Rothenberg (no visible grocery stores in the medieval little town), the train to Heidelberg and those few hours there I didn't see those types of stores. I did a walking tour from one bridge down to the next and back from my hotel next to the Main in Frankfurt, no grocery stores.

    It did seem like most Europeans shop differently - daily or every couple of days rather than the bulk shopping for a week or more that is often done in the US.