Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frustration is.....

When the DH borrows your camera for the day without telling you the night before that he's taking said camera. Then you go to reach for the camera that should be tethered to your desk via the cable and its not there. So you wander around the house thinking that you spaced out and might have left it somewhere else but you're not finding it there either. It's enough to make a person doubt their sanity.

Finally you call the DH who admits that he has it and to 'trust him' on why he needed it for the day. Sigh. Sure I trust him, I was just going to take a picture of an FO and two WIPs while the daylight was bright. 'Waiting until he gets home' as was suggested just won't work. We have something going on tonight so won't be back home until full dark. Sigh.

So that 'secret' project is all done (the aforementioned FO), I have a good solid 11 inches on the Holding Hands Feeding Ducks Scarf. Cool easy to memorize pattern. I'm not sure though that I'm happy with the smaller needle size. I'm going to do a few test rows with larger needles and see if I like those results more.

I started the 'booby socks' for a co-worker's wife of Brandon's that recently underwent a double mastectomy. I have a good start on the leg and think these will go pretty fast.

I had hopes that we could borrow the beach house for the weekend, but the cousins beat us to the request. I'm contemplating a 'ladies beach retreat weekend' for friends in similar financial constraints and not likely to get away for fun things like this. We could easily sleep five or six people, more if there's air mattresses involved at the beach house. Share groceries and the only other cost for the weekend is the gas down and back. Something to think about....


  1. I had a similar situation with my glasses this morning except I know my husband didn't take them and I still haven't found them. No good!

    Your beach house idea sounds great! I'm sure you'll have lots of takers!

  2. Careful: Once you start that Crafty Moms at the beach thing, it becomes a tradition and you'll be doing it forever! Yeah, it's a good thing...