Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yarns & More Minis

I have the final pics of the Yak-Merino yarn, it is soooo deliciously soft! I have 292.5 yards of it in lace weight but I'm not sure what I'll make out of it. It came out nicely balanced, no whacking needed. ;^)

Wednesday afternoon at the Westside Spinnerati Bobbie handed out baggies of batting she had gotten from Jo-Ann's. One was a polyester-silk blend and the other is Ingeo (corn). I tried out the polyester-silk and found out that the silk is little noile nubs in the polyester. That's why it was so cheap. It's also incredible rough after plying. I spun up half an ounce and plied it:

It was an interesting spinning experience. Definitely ended up over spinning and didn't soften up with the use of Soak.

Wednesday night at Haggen's I never did get any knitting done. I did get to watch Cindy and Kathleen compare their Phat Fiber boxes. Very cool! We also had fun looking through the book I'd picked up from the library - Knit One Below. There are a number of patterns in the book that would be fun to do.

I scored three skeins of Stitchjones Dyepot Worsted Superwash yarns for February's Scarf/Shawl knit projects towards Christmas 2009. Mine are planned for some men in the family and I think they'll really like their scarfs out of these yarns:

I had made another mini-raglan sweater out of Bobbie's sparkly pink and then today while at Insomnia I finished up a mini-hat. This evening I finished up mini-mittens. So I have a complete set. The mittens I managed to get so they were matched:

I have two days left in the month and still hope to get a couple of the DROPS balls done using the self-patterning leftovers from Bobbie. I'm also going to try to borrow her combs and try them out with Susan's samples and the alpaca locks I got from OFFF. I do need to double check if I still have the cat flicker brushes that I could use too.

ETA: Forgot to say that the photos of the Knit Purl yarn sample mini's made it into their blog.

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