Friday, January 23, 2009

FOs & Spinning, yarn crawl prep

This last week was busy helping grandpa get ready to go to Ardmore, PA. He made it on Thursday. We took care of all his financial planning and organized his paperwork and loaded stuff up on his memory stick. All that work is going to pay for the brake work on the Outback - yea! Brandon finished up with him on the model train set they have been working on. We'll miss him!

Tuesday afternoon I spent time banging my head on the desk trying to get Dreamweaver to ftp my websites back up. I had upgraded my hosting account and the change broke the web site. I spent forty-five minutes trying to make the GoDaddy tech understand what my issue was. I couldn't use their ftp client because I didn't have the right version of Java installed. It was all very frustrating until Brandon was able to spend sometime and figure it all out and we have everything back up the way it was.

Next week I need to spend time creating a new look and feel for our home web site - Scockercrew. Named for the dogs. Brandon has his woodwork there and I have albums with my different crafts. Crap, that means I need to find a new album software (no I'm not going to pay for a Flickr account, that would defeat the reason of having all that space on the hosting account wouldn't it?).

Wednesday afternoon was the first meeting of the Westside Spinnerati at Panera Bread. Tiggywinkleknits, Trtlgrl and Sheilaknits all made it. We spun for two hours and answered questions of kids and couples alike. I started the second 2 ounces of the yak-merino. It's so heavenly soft! (Sorry for the bad shot of the single!)
I still have a bit of it to spin up before I'm plying. Sunday I hope to spend some time spinning.

Wednesday night at Haggen's I finished up mini-sock:

In preparation of going back to Knit/Purl I thought I'd finish using up the yarn samples from the Fall Yarn Sampling class. So I pulled out the Spectrum Shibuiknits Merino Worsted and the Bambino Hat pattern they gave to go along with it and started working on it. I started it Thursday and finished it up Friday morning while watching ER on Hulu.

Here's the Spectrum Bambino Hat, pattern by Sara Morris:

This left me with the worsted Handmaiden Silk Maiden yarn sample. So I pulled out my pattern pages from The Knitting Bee for their Naked Bear Project. I modified the hat and scarf pattern, see previous post and pictures.

Here's all the yarn samples all knitted up:

Saturday is the Yarn Crawl with the Seattle knitters. I have my All Day Pass for MAX purchased. I just need to validate it tomorrow morning. Picked up a dozen mini blueberry muffins for the trip into town and to share with the ladies. I have a nice simple project planned for the event - the Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf using the Karma Chameleon handpsun. I have cash for food (a few cupcakes from Cupcake Jones, maybe a little drinking chocolate at Cacao's), one or two books from Powell's, possibly a sandwich from Whole Foods and possibly some "Honest Tea Product Sampling" if we're there around noon.

Brandon has a D&D game planned for the afternoon, so I need to reschedule the brake work for Monday on the Outback. William's schedule is in flux but he might enjoy a day of playing Fable 2 on the Xbox 360 in between working on homework.

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  1. I love those cute hats you made. Very colorful. (the other things are cute too -- but I really like the first hat!)

    I got to your site because of knitting but had to throw in a remarks about dog books! I just finished reading a fun one, that's full of good advice about leadership, believe it or not. It's called A Dog's Advice to Leaders, with the leadership/life principles shown through the eyes of a chocolate lab retriever named Miss Brown. Let's face it, dogs offer us unconditional love and teach us important lessons about how to live. (I was just talking with a friend of mine yesterday, whose family has had a dog for only a couple of months, about who our four-legged friends just change our lives, for the better.) This book has some great tips for successful living.