Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Spinning....Spicy, Bliss

Sunday I sat up the wheel and pre-drafted the Spicy merino/silk 2 oz roving in sections and started spinning while watching the last of Season 10 of Stargate SG-1. I'm not ready for both spinning the second 2oz half on the second bobbin and watching the two SG-1 movies.

Here's the first bobbin of Spicy:

I also have the Stitchjones BFL Lavender Bliss all skeined up. It's another 63 yards of lacy goodness at 21 or 22 wpi (snugging up its 22) but I need to check that I'm doing it right to be 100%. It's ~1.3 ozs:

(The flashed photo shows the true color, but the non-flash has a tendency to come out blurry, thus why the blurry closeup of the wraps. Brandon would say use the tri-pod, but I need a bigger photo area to work in first.)

Spent time also putting in a few more repeats on the Midnight Mitt Envy while watching a bit of the Golden Globes:

I'm scheduled to do some paperwork help tomorrow with Brandon's grandfather, Mac. There's shop time for the Outback Wednesday am. I'm also doing a presentation at one of the local high schools I think on Friday (still deciding on Thursday or Friday). Good news is that William got his tire replaced and once he's all sure that it really is on, I have the use of my car back. I need to spend time on web site design as well as business card design, hmmm sounds like some of this is going to take me away from knitting/spinning - darn it.

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