Monday, January 12, 2009

Side trip down memory lane

My last software quality assurance engineer job was working for a local software company that does digital watermarking. I was part of the anti-counterfeit deterrence group. As such I did a few trips out of the country for them. One of them was to Brussels. We happened to be sent over during the week of Halloween. Over there November 1st is a holiday, so we had a free day for sight-seeing. My business partner had been over a number of times and so he suggested that we do a day trip to Bruges.

It was my second medieval European town I'd been to and a lot of fun to walk around and take pictures. We had lunch and dinner at two local places, then drinks at an Irish Pub.

Why all the nostalgia? Amazon had recommend the movie In Bruges with Colin Farrell and I watched it on Friday as a check out from the library. If you're offended by the 'f word' this movie is not for you. If you can overlook it and see the scenery, it reminded me of my trip. It was filmed supposedly in December. The movie really wasn't that bad, again overlooking the language if it offends. It was also while watching the red carpet event for the Golden Globes that I found out that it had been nominated when they were talking to Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. Cool! Don't know if it won anything though.....

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