Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night after Brandon and I picked up supplies for the evening - variety of cheeses (spreadable, gouda, feta, mozzarella), sausage log (had one already) and a sausage rope, couple different crackers and some pop. Luke brought his controller over so he was prepared and then it was preparation of the food stuffs. I cut up the sausage rope into bite sized sections and poured the second bottle of beer that Tammy had given me on top, but first I had a taste. Very good stuff and tasted awesome with the sausage. It simmers for a couple of hours on the burner. I then rinsed off the mozzarella balls and sprinkled some olive oil on top.

With my part done and orders for the boys to finish the preparations I headed over to Haggen's. It had been a couple of weeks since I'd been because of the snow and all. There was just Tiggywinkleknits, PersistentIllusion, KnitForJoy and Toolman. We caught up with looking at baby blankets for the charity, Bobbie had some preemie hats she made during MAX trips.

I picked up my prize from Judy's 'identify the tools' contest. Schaefer Yarns, Anne, Toni Morrison"
She was also working on a very cool Inca style hat for #1Son who is very lucky to be getting such a cool hat.

Just before it was time to head back home and for Cindy to head down to her evening job, Gail and Susan arrived. Susan had a couple of books she was giving away and one came home with me. Amazon has been recommending it to me, so looks like I'll be reading it some time soon. It's Fleece Navidad. (Apparently book #6 in the series and a test of the author that I will not have read the previous books.)

Here's a shot of all the great knitting books that I got as Christmas gifts, received all but one on my list so very thankful! It includes the Knit a Day Calendar too. I'd hoped for the 'Never Not Knitting' one but this has started out nice so far (I'd actually do the first project).

I did get some spinning in on Tuesday. I'm going to weigh the bobbins in their current state and see if they are close in weight before proceeding with the rest of my roving for this project. I should be able to take it with me on Sunday to ply. Both bobbins will have definitely had resting time after being spun and thus be ready for plying.

After a day at the Xbox360, I need some knitting time and I'm ready to knit again. ;^) I'm going to start on the Christmas 2009 Monthly KAL projects for January. Friday, there will be knitting with the Insomnia group, Saturday a trip down to Salem to visit with family and Sunday spinning with the Portland Spinnerati group at the Central Portland Library.

Monday William starts classes again for Winter term at PCC. Luke doesn't have classes again until the 14th at University of Idaho (yea they start classes in the middle of the week - how crazy?!). They'll try to get in as much visiting time as possible around schedules. We've missed not having Luke live with us most weekends. ;^) It's great to be a second mother without all the financial responsibilities. LOL.

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