Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spinning & tinies

This morning I spun up the second half ounce of Stitchjones Baby Alpaca called 'Moon in Libra'. It spins up nicely, but I suspect that I'm allergic to something about this alpaca and the Schaefer Yarns Judith I was working with today. Strangely my tongue has been tingling all day since I've been working with this stuff.

Here's the second single:

I also used the niddy noddy to move the purple tencel (unofficially called purpleberry yarn) off the bobbin so I could soak it. Way cool, it came out really balanced and not a lot of over twisting. I think it soaked in the hot water and cooled down to cold water over a three hour period because I forgot about it in the sink. ;^) Here it is hanging up to dry:
Nothing hanging off the bottom either!

I've started talking to the Streets of Tanasbourne (SoT) about the World Wide Knit in Public day (WWKiP) and using them for our venue again on June 13th. They have a new property manager and he wasn't getting it. There was talk that I might need a 'Certificate of Insurance'. After chatting with my very helpful State Farm agent, I need to have another chat, this time in person with Matthew at SoT. That won't happen until Thursday or Friday though. (Yes, William is still driving my car because of his flat tire and special wheels - PITA!)

I did get done a mitten set and a bitty hat out of another Yarn Sampling sample - the aforementioned Schaefer Yarns Judith. Pretty colors:

The hat pattern came from the Interweave holiday magazine or the free download off their site, however you want to get them. I'm going to try her socks from that set too. The mittens are these.

On tap tomorrow - more minis and I'm pulling out the merino/silk called 'Spicy' that I picked up with my prize from Tour de Fleece 2008. I'm also playing with the 12 days of Spinning(Rav link). Fun thing is I think I'll be able to enter them in a couple of different categories, but haven't looked really close. I'm also going to try to come up with a pattern to go along with the Moon in Libra yarn.

Now off to collect Chore War points for all that knitting!


  1. Just curious-about how many yards were you able to get from the alpaca fiber sample? Looks like about a laceweight-?

    Love the mini's!

  2. 63 yards of lacy goodness. It's currently soaking in the sink and then needs a little bit of whacking before it's shown in its skeined glory.