Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car in shop = knitting

I had scheduled the car to go into Royal Moore to have the belt that had the burning rubber smell replaced and to get a much needed oil change. This was supposed to cost me ~$130 and be done around 11am (dropped off at 9am). I had finished the second 2 oz braid of Spicy Tuesday night and so I picked up the Midnight Mitt Envy. It had been left at Repeat 4 out of 5. I finished the left mitt and then cast on for the right one and had the ribbing and the first repeat done when the car was finally done around 3:30pm. I was also able to finally take advantage of having a teen with a car and the ability to drive, William brought me home and dropped me off.

Here's what the left Midnight Mitt Envy looks like:

I had also spent five and half hours working with Mac. We made progress but still have a fair bit to go. Due to the car fiasco this afternoon I only put in another forty-five minutes today. So, I'll be going back over tomorrow morning and see how much more we can accomplish before the Insomnia group meeting.

It was great getting to go to Haggen's tonight. Tiggywinkleknits made an awesome driver's hat for Toolman and he was wearing and showing it off. There's going to be a rewrite of the pattern and another one made. Then testing knitting will occur and I've agreed to try my hand at it. Probably happen late spring because there is also hope of entering it into the county and state fairs. Here's hoping a blue ribbon ends up on the hat!

I started another mini-sweater whilst there out of some Noro Silk Garden that Kathleen had in a handful of sock leftovers for Bobbie and I. I admit that I snatched it out of her hand before Bobbie could get a hold of it because of the bright pinkness of it all. Bobbie showed much more restraint and divided the rest of the little balls up. I'd gotten to the point of knitting the body before leaving so will hopefully finish it up tomorrow. I suspect though that it will be another t-shirt style unless I switch out colors.

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