Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teddy Sweater & Yarn Samples

I've been using the yarn samples from the Yarn Sampling class I took at Knit/Purl this last fall for some of the mini mittens/hats/sweaters. I thought a couple of them would work for a teddy bear sweater so I started that last night. Got started and then realized that I under-estimated how much yarn I had for the project so brought in a third sample. I used the same pattern as the one that I did out of the Malabrigo leftovers.

I'm going to save the Malabrigo set for the Naked Bear Project that The Knitting Bee does. So Toffee has a nice sweater out of the samples:

It was a pretty tight fit over his head compared to the Malabrigo sweater. What a difference yarn makes! The Malabrio sweater I did following the directions for the medium size and for these yarn samples I ended up following the large.

I'm going to try and ply the lavender BFL singles. Sharon says that the roving name is 'Bliss' and it was a bliss to spin.

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