Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching up Sunday

Wednesday night's dinner didn't settle well, so I ended up staying home on Thursday. I couldn't concentrate much so I used my time feeling awful on the couch to ply the Spicy singles. I ended up with 345 yards of merino-silk lace weight 24 wpi yarn:

I finished the pink sweater from Kathleen's leftovers. I think it came out pretty well, bigger than the other ones, but then I think I used a larger needle size too:

So I tried doing another hat out of what I think was handspun from Bobbie, still had a bit leftover of that and so made up a scarflet. The scarflet really needs to be blocked:

I tried using another unknown leftover light blue yarn for a sock, but there wasn't enough of it do finish. I think I'll try it out as a ribbing on another hat and finish with white for the body. So I pulled out a multi-brown sock yarn and followed the sock pattern that came with the Interweave hat and sock. Found out that I really needed to finish the toe following a different pattern since it came out really pointy:

I'm going to go back and do another one of Michelle's socks with some other fun leftovers. (Not the Leyburn's that she's joined the KAL for this month, hers are looking gorgeous though!)

This afternoon I finished up my Midnight Mitt Envy fingerless gloves. I forgot to check before I cast off the right hand and it's two rows shorter than the left. Which is really weird because I was following the directions....They still work and will keep my hands warm for the rest of the cold season:

I didn't make it to the Gem Faire this weekend, mainly because of budget constraints from the car repair going over. That's life though! Next weekend is the Yarn Crawl with the PDX-Knit-Bloggers and the Seattle knitters. I'm going to see if I can do it on a small to non-existent budget. I'm also going to have some small projects in mind to buy for, so they can be one skein purchases. "Meet the Seattle Group at Union Station and crawl the Portland LYS including Dublin Bay, Knit Knot, and Knit Purl. Also possible stops at Whole Foods, Powell's, Cacao, Josephine's, and Button Emporium."

Now off to make some dinner, then spend the rest of the evening spinning some alpaca from OFFF.


  1. I love your new yarn; it's so pretty!

    I'm a little nervous I'll have second sock syndrome on the Leyburns...

    Hoping to make it late to the yarn crawl; I have another knitting event in the morning!

  2. Thank you!

    I've never had the second anything syndrome, yet. I think because I try to be picky about the pattern, if I'm not enjoying it then I could see where getting the second of anything would be difficult.

    What other knitting event is there? I was hoping we'd get over to Twisted since I haven't been there yet. So I'm considering driving/parking instead of taking MAX in so that I can drive over, time permitting.

  3. Oooh. I like that new yarn. Purdy colors

  4. Thank you! I love that the red stayed red and didn't get diluted down to a pink. Not that pink is bad, just not what I wanted with my purple. ;-)

    You've got some gorgeous new purples in your yarn dyeing too!