Saturday, January 3, 2009

First FOs of the New Year

I have a couple of star ornaments that I finished up yesterday and I used up the last of a yarn I was happy to see go - Lion Brand Glitterspun. I had just enough to make two whole stars and then a little bit leftover. What to do with it? I was at Insomnia knitting and we'd been talking about learning how to crochet. I know how to crochet, so I pulled from my rusty memory the rudiments of how to do a granny square. So started one of those. These are my stars and square:

I didn't want to try doing tiny little ornaments when we went down to my sister, Jennifer's for the Bridges family New Year get together (My dad, his two sisters [the two other brothers aren't talking to 98% of the family] and then their kids and their kids). Quick head count, there were twenty-seven of us there. So, I took along the ShibuiKnits Sock in Midnight to make a pair of my own Mitt Envy gloves. I have a good start on the ribbing for one glove done. Brandon and William were playing Risk (noisy game in the other room [A-Z, if you've heard of it])and I was watching. Jeanne (stepmom) and my dad watched them play part of it went off, came back and Scott (6'4" "little" brother) came back in and then they all ended up helping William play against Brandon. It was fun to watch, Brandon wasn't minding, because he did end up winning against them all. Scott plans to play the next time and he and William will be allies against Brandon.

I did weigh my bobbins and found that one was exactly .3 ozs lighter than the other and that I had three sections that were exactly .3 ozs each. So I did the one bobbin that only need one of the sections and have the other bobbin with the remaining two to finish up tonight. They won't get the rest time that I would have liked but I think it will be fine. I'll wind them off their bobbins in the morning so I can ply while at the library tomorrow.

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