Friday, January 23, 2009

Teddy Bear Accessories

Namely a hat and scarf. Inspired by the "Erin's Bears Sweater Patterns" given out by Knitting Bee. These are fitting my 14 inch and under bears. For larger bears, adjust needle size up and try out. [Erin's bear hat was knit flat, so I had to adapt to work on dpns and I also added an extra decrease at the end; she also changed needle sizes after the ribbing. I also increased the cast on amount and the number of rows on the scarf and decreased the needle size. If these changes aren't enough to make them my own design, someone let me know! Thus far the only place I've found these 'published' is as a handout.]

Teddy Bear Hat with ear holes

Worsted weight yarn (I used ~ 12 grams or .4 ozs using up a shop sample and some sock yarn doubled for the ribbing)
Needles: US 6 dpns
Stitch marker or row marker

You can play with the size of needles/yarn to vary your size of hat. This seems to have worked for some medium to small bears adequately. I haven't tried it with a larger bear, but would attempt with larger needles first.

Gauge: not really needed, this is a teddy bear hat!

Cast on 52 sts and join in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 1 inch.

Row 1 & 2: K
Ear hole placement:
Row 3: K3, bind off 8 sts, K7, bind off 8 sts, K to end of round (Or do your favorite buttonhole method here.)
Row 4: K3, cast on 8 sts , K8, cast on 8 sts, knit to end of round.
Row 5 - 7 knit
Row 8: *K3, K2tog, repeat from *, ending with a K1.
Row 9: and all odd number rows Knit.
Row 10: *K2, K2tog, repeat from *, ending with a K1.
Row 11: *K2tog, repeat from *, ending with a K1.
Row 12: repeat row 11.
Cut yarn and use a darning needle to pull through remaining six stitches. Weave in ends and try on your favorite teddy bear.

If you're a pom-pom person then make one using your favorite method. Mine are pom-free.

Garter Stitch Bear Scarf

Worsted weight yarn
Needles: US 3

Loosely cast on 120 stitches. Knit 6 rows. Bind off all stitches. I cast on using the sock yarn doubled and then switched to the shop sample I had and knit that for 5 rows. Then I switched back to the doubled sock yarn and knit 1 more row and then bound off in the sock yarn. This created a nice frame for the shop sample yarn.

Weave in ends. If you're a fringe person, do your favorite fringe method.

Mine came out to be 12-1/4 inches long x 3/4 inch wide with casting on only 60 stitches. This works for the sample that I had left but in the future I would make it longer.

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