Monday, January 5, 2009

The start of the tinies

Starting work on the mini ornaments. I have a Tiny Tee Raglan, that really is a 'tee' as in more of shirt style than a sweater.

I was winding up the Happy Feet I got for these projects and I noticed the bag that had my Yarn Samples from the Sampling class at Knit Purl this last fall. I popped each little bit on the ball winder and made mini-cakes. Then on the digital scale to find out how much I had.

It's still guess work for me on if I will have enough since so many of the designers put the yardage of the skein they used and don't include if they used the entire thing or not. Since these mini-ornaments are supposed to use leftover sock yarns, I figured I stood a good chance with my samples.

I had to borrow a foot or so from the Happy Feet to bind off the sweater tee. I still think it looks terribly cute. I need to have Brandon bring be home some paper clips from the office so that I can make a hangar for it too.

Another full sweater tomorrow and mittens, hats and socks - all mini.


  1. Very cute, and the colors just sing!

  2. I'm doing mini sweaters, socks, and mittens; finished the first one on the train today. I'll bring my baggie of leftovers and we'll do a swap (some of my odd balls are big enough for 2 sweaters).

  3. I'm using the yarn from my sampling class and I did buy a skein of sock yarn just for this. I haven't done enough socks yet that had enough leftover to make a full project.