Thursday, January 8, 2009

More tinies and other stuff

Part two....

Yesterday I made up a second mini-sweater using the Happy Feet I'd bought for these projects, full length sleeves too!

I started another mini-mitten set also out of the Happy Feet but only finished one that afternoon and started the second one at Haggen's. With everything that was going on, I had the ribbing and thumb done before leaving. Finished the set up this afternoon:

Speaking of Haggen's....if you'd like a free project bag, check out their wine section. They are giving away this bag and it's perfect for a skein in one section and your project in the other and room for more:

Tiggywinkleknits shared some of her sock yarn leftovers with me since I haven't done a lot of socks yet. This way I can have a little more variety in my mini projects. The white is really going to come in handy!

I was able to make use of the white from Bobbie in this mini-stocking that was designed by PDXKnitterati. I did make some adaptations to it though:

Susan was also handing out the bookmarks that she has as an advertisement. I think they'll also go in a Phat Fiber Box: The back side has the scarf design that Kathleen created for her.

Speaking of the Phat Fiber Box, Stitchjones, has some Black Cherry Glam Sock yarn as samples in the January Box. Check out the YouTube video of all the samples! Not sure how the box works but signed up to be notified for the next one in February.


  1. Mini projects look so instantly gradifying! Maybe I should try some. I'm not brave enough yet to make socks :P

  2. They are really quick knits. I've now knit several small sweaters but have yet to actually make one that I could wear! LOL

  3. You're on quite the mini-roll! Isn't it fun to finish something so quickly?

  4. January is ornaments month for the Christmas 2009 Monthly KAL. So lots of minis will be knit this month. ;-)

    I also have a pair of fingerless mitts and a pair of colorwork socks I'd like to get done. Nothing like a challenge to get you going!