Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yule Gifts

I had hoped to do a bit more than I did for the Yule gift exchange. I still think what I gave was nice. I knit a little soap sack and included three bars of home made soap - Castile and Vanilla scented. Then I sewed the red bag that I put it in. Red was the color for gifts for ladies, green for men. So a reusable bag that they can give as a gift or use for other items.
The two little bars of castile soap are inside the soap sack
Ignatius made a hammer as his gift. Walnut head and turned/carved handle in oak. He carved the three phases of the moon. Its a substantial hammer. Funny thing is, our friend Finn picked it. He picked the wooden box that Ignatius made last year. ;-)

Ignatius picked out a box that turned out to be a hibachi that folds down. He's inclined to give it to Will to use in a future apartment. I don't know, I think it might be cool for camping and steaks. ;-)

I picked out a tissue wrapped package that turned out to be a hand made basket. It kind of looks like a basket that might have been made at the Embellisher's College we went to earlier in the year.

Its very nicely done and I look forward to using it!

We'll have more Yule gifts to make for the upcoming Dragon's Mist Juletide event.

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