Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Capture December, Day 11 - Green!

I love living at the foot hills of the coast range in the Willamette Valley. It means that we're green pretty much year round. Sure people may stop watering their lawn and it will brown, but the trees and other plants will stay green.

So my green today:
Moss - it may or may not be where the grass is supposed to be growing, or in my flowerbed creeping in or out

Yea, my Columbines are still green. We haven't gotten a good freeze yet

I admit to being lazy and I didn't pull the broccoli, cauliflower or brussel sprouts. This is the broccoli I found today. There's a brussel with a sprout too.

A few of the potatoes were sprouting in their bag, so they got popped into the  former herb box. I have two that have sprouted to this point. Anything I'm supposed to do to help them winter over? Onions are sprouted and the stalk is still hardy on the fennel. Hope this doesn't mean we're having a mild winter?

Sometimes the Rosemary is blooming with tiny purple blooms this time of year. They can look like mini-Christmas trees. I'll have to keep pruning it so that it doesn't go wild.
But if you think I should share something green Christmas related, I have some wrapping paper for you:

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