Friday, December 7, 2012

Capture December, Day 7 - Bright

With the cloud cover we had to do, it certainly wasn't bright outside, so no bright skies!

I can't remember what the little candles are called. I'm familiar with seeing the more elaborate wood trees with the candles, I think they're German in origin?

Anyway, we had a couple sitting on the coffee table and I noticed the light of the tree arcing of the silver. So thought I would see if I could get 'bright' from the silver. So played with lighting and angles and the 'night scene' function on the camera.

Here's the different captures, which one do you think looks 'Bright'?
Straight down looking inside

From the side - you can see Santa in his sleigh on the top right (they're identical)

Slight angle looking down, think that the one on the right shows 'Bright' - what do you think?

A bit blurry, but this is brighter to me and both have a bright light shining up

Different location, up on the fireplace mantle, still bright, just not  shiny

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