Friday, December 28, 2012

Capture December, Day 28 - Words

Kind of wondered about what to do for Words. Brandon suggested looking around at the decorations. So I did find the words inside the ornament that Rachel gave a few years ago, but then I ran across the bucket that we had our Christmas cards inside. They have words on the inside and outside. I'll share the outsides with you since the insides are personal. ;-)

Years ago when the budget could afford it, I used to send out Christmas cards and a family newsletter. The budget took a hit and they were the first non-essential thing to go. I gave them in person where I could. I noticed this year that the numbers have decreased again of the ones we receive. I think others have had the same problem.

Do you still send out cards?


  1. I still do cards, but fewer each year. They're photo cards, and we usually do a mass letter with them, to which I add some handwritten notes. They're mostly for family and friends that we don't see during the year, and that aren't on facebook seeing these pictures already!

    I did move the due date, though. I used to do them for Hanukkah/Christmas, but now they're new year's cards. And if I'm really slow, they're Chinese New Year cards!

    Happy New Year to you!

    1. That makes sense! All our family is pretty local or on Facebook, so no need to do extra. I guess we're lucky. :-)