Sunday, December 30, 2012

Capture December, Day 30 - Your Winter Wonderland

For the last few years we've been getting more snow in November and December. This year has kind of been odd and we've only had a couple of snowfalls to the valley floor. When you're only a couple hundred feet above sea level, you get shorted on snow. It's not really a problem since we're just an hour away from the Cascades and Mt Hood with its snow and there's often snow in the coastal range.

A few days before Christmas we did have a brief snow fall and I was fortunate enough to capture it:
Used to be a hazelnut orchard on the other side of the fence, it was probably only a 1/4 inch of snow and gone in a few hours

Norbert really enjoys the colder weather and does play in the snow when there's enough to play in

Houses instead of hazelnuts. I imagine next summer I'll have them on the other side of my fence. The roofs look pretty with the snow 

Wind toy, see the snowflakes falling?

Where the future houses will go, its all prepped for them to start building and it will be harder for me to see the snow on these trees, if at all.

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