Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Capture December, Day 12 - Beautiful Sight

My son gave me an orchid for Mother's day. I was able to keep the blooms alive through most of the summer before I accidentally over-watered it and the blooms died off.  I had been keeping it just below my kitchen window or in the window sill depending upon the sun angle.

It had already sprouted a new leaf and according to the instructions that meant it was ready to sprout a flower stem within a period of time.

Today, I noticed that I have a new shoot for flowers!  This is my beautiful sight:
The new leaf is the one you can see with the purple-red bottom

Close-up of my flower stem in progress

The type of orchid. Really should do some more research on them

What the blooms looked like
Its been several years since we've had one, I may have to try to find a Christmas Cactus.


  1. I forgot to water our African violet and Christmas cactus for a month after returning from Europe. They didn't die! And the Christmas cactus is covered with blooms. I guess it liked the neglect...

    1. The Christmas cactus I could understand possibly handling the water neglect, I'm surprised the African violet was able to. I thought they liked being moist?

      Did you know that African violets can be easy to start new ones? If you have a pot with good soil, plastic wrap and a rubber band that will fit the pot, you can start a new plant. Make sure that the soil is really moist and put three leaves from your existing violet into the soil. Cover with the plastic wrap making a little tent over it. Secure with the rubber band around the lip of the pot. Place in same area as the existing one and wait. Within a few weeks the leaves should have sprouted roots and be growing happily. Remove plastic wrap and continue watering with the other one.