Monday, December 3, 2012

Barony of Three Mountains Yule 2012

I spent Friday evening preparing some appetizer type foods for the Yule feast, a planned nibbling type for the Barony of Three Mountains. I made some baked raviolis out of phyllo dough and filled with cream cheese/mild italian sausage/spinach; cream cheese/parmasan cheese/spinach; just plain sausage along with a sauce for dipping that didn't seem to get used except possibly by me - Galyntyne sauce. I also made a Mushroom Pasty with a bit of adaptation. I thought I had more mushrooms, realized I was about a pound short and so I used some of my cream of mushroom soup I had in the freezer thickened some and with the added cheese it was lovely. I even had a young man who didn't like mushrooms say it was very good.
We had Susan there for her very first event, and she was looking forward to seeing the heavy fighting. At that point in the day it wasn't running, but the wind was very brisk! I got a number of shots, you can see more in my Facebook album:
Sir Octamasades and Baroness Dafne in purple. 

Sir Octamasades won the day

I love that they're still holding hands together
I spent sometime upstairs introducing Susan and young John to various people and socializing and meeting new people myself. I was able to transfer some started lamb Icelandic wool to my Ashford Traditional and spend some time spinning more on to the bobbin.

Lady Iuliana holding in baby Rowan, Eadaoin, Me at the wheel, Susan, Meg from The Summits now, of 3M, young John is hidden by William in the foreground.
There was also dancing, but since Ignatius had the camera, no pictorial evidence of this. They danced in the morning and then after court.
The musicians providing live music
A much smaller rapier demonstration than was done last year
Then it was time for Baron Alfric and Baroness Jill's last court. Lots of awards were given out, some were given out to those people who weren't at Honor Feast or other past events.
Herr Ignatius receiving the paper charter of his "You Rock" award given to him at Honor Feast

Why yes, its in old Norse! The "You Rock" award

Baron Alfric giving Baroness Jill one of his own Pinecone awards, a very special one too.

Frederick the Reckless received his Award of Arms, a very  nicely done one too!

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