Monday, December 3, 2012

Capture December: Day 3 Red

I had spinning today and I was spinning some of the dyed superwash merino that I had requested be a red colorway similar to a Sock Summit one. It didn't come out as expected but has pretty reds and blues and a bit of a black along with some annoying white splotches.

Then I remembered the reds of the thrums in the slippers I knit for my niece Bailey for Christmas and that I sewed up a gift bag for the lady's gift I made for Yule.

I used those pictures to do a collage with the Love Actually picture I took of our TV screen and the folder for the movie:

I took Leeloo for a walk today at Dawson Creek Park. She was very happy to be out for a walk at her favorite park so getting a picture of her in her red skull sweater was difficult.

Red enough? ;-)

Edit to add - I posted this in my red flannel nightgown while wearing black and red socks. A truly red day.

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