Saturday, December 8, 2012

Capture December, Day 8 - Ornaments

I love our ornaments, but I imagine everyone would say that about the ones they've collected. ;-) Yes, many have been given to us, and of course many we have collected ourselves. A few we've made, or someone else made and gave to us.

So it was very hard to pick just one ornament....

This little guy I got on my first real trip out of the country, a business trip to Zurich. It was the late spring, so finding a Christmas ornament was fun!
Gnome from Zurich
 Slightly blurry picture of a ceramic snowman on a bell.
His butt jingles lol

I was trying to capture how the lights shine through her shiny bits

Santa's butt is a green glass ornament ball, the rest of him is an art clay.
 A couple years ago, I made a bunch of knitted ornaments, this is one set I kept
A hat, sweater and mittens all out of the same sock yarn
Rachel made these several years ago and gave them out
An emergency knitting kit - needles and yarn with glitter

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