Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Capture December: Day 4 - Joyous

Today I am joyous to have my Snowman collection out. When we first started adding decorations to the household as a couple we decided to do snowmen because it seemed like everyone was doing Santas and my sister collected Nutcrackers. Snowmen were also around and different. So we added either an ornament or a decoration each year. We didn't get one last year, but I hope to knit one this year.

These aren't all of them, I have a couple on the fireplace and I don't have the decorations on the tree yet. We have a strand of lights out, so need to replace either the bulb or the strand. Need to figure that part out still.

I'm also happy that my new phone cover came. Its a little more girly, but it was really cheap and had a design that I could live with:
I was able to do something tonight for a mother that I didn't have when my son was small, I went over and sat at her house while her little ones were sleeping so she could get out of the house for 'me' time. That meant going to the gym and working out, but was what she needed/wanted.  This is something that gave me joy because I knew she appreciated it and I wished that I could have had someone in my life to do a simple thing like that for me when my son was small.


  1. Great snowmen collection! I didn't plan on collecting snowmen, but people in my family keep giving them to me ;) We have lots of snowmen dishes. Still trying to decide where to put the nutcracker collection though...

    1. Thanks Camille! I have a very large snowman plastic serving platter, perfect for cookies. No holiday dishes though. Just realized that!

      Nutcracker collection, my stepmother puts hers on the top of her upright piano and my sister puts hers on her buffet. Have either of those?