Sunday, December 23, 2012

Capture December, Day 23 - Scarf

I made a scarf! I was test knitting it, and had the idea of giving it as a gift. So tonight it went to my lovely step-mother Jeanne to wear.

Its the Webfoot Scarf by PDXKnitterati.

I have been given some lovely scarfs in the past. Have a very nice brown plaid cashmere scarf that I can't remember who gave it to me. Another in a black plush too. I so very rarely use them though. It just doesn't get cold enough and trying to keep it on the jacket, I've lost scarfs that way.

What's your stance on scarfs?  Use them, or not?  Good knit to give away?  Six feet or more of boredom?


  1. I gave away two of these for Christmas, and they were well received. But my sister did ask for Webfoot! It looked great against her UO green tunic (actually a men's shirt, worn oversized and belted). It was knit with HazelKnits Artisan Sock in Hoppy Blonde, like mine.

    I like wearing scarves, just a little something extra to ward off the chill. I don't like knitting scarves that are all the same from beginning to end, so working this one with border, short rows, border make sit much more interesting...

    Merry Christmas! And thanks for test knitting.

    1. Hope your Christmas was merry to Michele!

      Test knitting this scarf was fun. I'm with you on the long boring same old same old down the length of a scarf. I'd rather stab myself with my knitting needles after doing a few of those in the past. lol