Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday fun

After we got rolling today we hopped MAX for a ride downtown. My purpose for the trip was to acquire another skein of Jewel Shibuiknit sock yarn. I needed it for the second Wyvern sock. Here's sock one all done up:

While on the trip to Knit/Purl I started, once again, Beach Glass Basket Rib Hand Towel:

I also picked up Midnight Shibuiknit sock for future fingerless gloves and some Habu Soft Merino Lace (looks like thread and comes on a cone). I'm going to use the Habu on a few Ice Queens I think. It has almost 750 yards to I should be able to get at least three Ice Queens out of it. You can check my stash photos if you want to see them.

Last night since I'd finished the one sock and couldn't cast on for the second one and get it going I picked up the Habu Bamboo lace. I'd started the Peace of Mind Shawl but wasn't too happy with it. So I frogged it, kept the project listed, because I'd still like to do it, just in a different yarn. Then cast on for the Cleopatra Wrap from Sensual Knits. Found that there had to be an error in the chart, so checked Ravelry and sure enough there was but by that time it was really late and so off to bed.

This afternoon has been a flurry of photo taking so that I could update stash and projects with photos. Not a lot of knitting happening, but we have movies planned for the evening so lots of time for it then.

After we got done with Knit/Purl we walked over to Cacao for some drinking chocolate - yummy! Then walked down Burnside to Saturday Market and wandered through it for a couple of hours of free fun.

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