Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jewel Wyvern Socks are done!

Here they are:
I'm happy with them overall. They fit nicely. It wasn't until I had started the second sock that I thought about the fact that I could have done the pattern on the back of the legs - duh!

I've put in more time spinning Embarrassment of Riches, but don't have a spin in progress photo for you. I've added some length to Beach Glass Basket Rib Hand Towel. I picked it up this morning read the stitches and started work, few rows later looked like there was something slightly off. So I'm ignoring it and continuing. I think it's just the freaking nature of this particular yarn to be a pain in the needles.

William needed to do some PCC stuff this afternoon, one of them a scheduled orientation type thing. So this meant that I sadly did not get to go knit at Insomnia this afternoon. No group knitting this week darn it! I've been having headaches this week to go along with the migraines I was having this weekend. Ugh. Since I had wait time and didn't want to hang out on campus, I went to The Knitting Bee and checked out the selections. I was tempted by some sale cotton yarn but didn't immediately buy and another lady came in and bought them up. Oh well, they weren't meant to come home with me. I resisted getting any sock yarn too. I made a spot for myself on the couch and pulled out my Plymouth Happy Feet leftover (~140 yds) and started Mitt Envy. They are supposed to use 116-120 yards of fingering, so I should have enough to make a pair and use up something I've had in my stash and wondered what the heck to do with.
I have a bad picture of my progress so far:

Before I'd left I had worked for a bit on Beach Glass Basket Rib Hand Towel:
WIP-BeachGlassBasketRibHandTowel I strongly dislike this yarn. I think I can read the stitches, after picking it up and then working on it to find that things are 'off'. I'm not sure exactly how, but I'm just going to finish it as is.

ETA: I forgot to mention that Deep Blue Sea Sinuate Scarf is posted in the blog at Knit/Purl. I wasn't wearing the right color of shirt to show it off, but they insisted on taking a photograph (can you tell I hate having my picture taken?) and there it is.

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