Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a week!

We finished up summer school this week. My one student that can get violent also was having a birthday on our last day of classes. This lead to a week of high tension with him and lots of stress for me trying to keep him from lashing out. I did it though!

I wasn't able to get to the Wednesday night knit at Hagen's. Grandpa was at the aunt and uncle's recovering from surgery. He had a tumor removed from one of his kidneys that they had been watching for a year and it was time for it to leave. I was also just really tired and didn't feel safe driving alone.

I did manage to work on mattress stitching the blocks together after Alyssa showed me how to do it live. Yes, I'd checked out the Knitting Help video but that was for side by side and I needed top to bottom. Yes, it works out the same but my visual learning brain needed the live demo that she helpfully gave. ;^) She also let me borrow her 'gold' needle. I'll have to use a Jo-Ann's coupon to buy my own for future use.

As of Sunday, I have two strips seamed together. Another two strips almost seamed together and then it will be seaming the twos to complete. I will get it done today as a goal. Here's a picture of the blocks laid out before I started joining them in rows, the photo isn't the end layout though so you'll have to wait to see that.

I've also been spinning with Hydrangea and have this much to show for it:

Since they don't seem to be showing up in my progress bars because I uploaded them from my computer to my projects, I'll show the progress that I've made on Bobbie Blue Falling Water Scarf and the Honeydew Happy Hour Handtowel:

We're getting Romas rippening, I think our water melon is ready for picking so that all those flowers its throwing out can try to produce another one. The summer squash and zucchini are also producing. I noticed that there are a few peppers on the plants so jalapenos and romas will be getting together in a salsa soon. I seriously need to get out and deadhead the gerberas. I've also enjoyed handfuls of blueberries this week. We were surprised to spot some Asian Pears that survived the frost/heat early this spring. Apples will be good this year too. Yesterday a handful of figs were picked with more still on the tree. Now I have to figure out what to do with them. Turns out this is a fig that I don't enjoy eating fresh (it's green, I like the black ones).

Next couple of weekends have milestones/events - my dad and stepmom are celebrating 40 years together - amazing! Then the following weekend is a family reunion on Brandon's side of the family. Next weekend is the last one we'll have with Luke as he goes off to Moscow for college on the 21st (that's in Idaho). We're as a family working Hood-to-Coast (H2C). New team captain and so we have an (UGH!!) early morning shift on the 23rd before heading to the reunion. D&D Jesse is also turning 21 next week and is having a party the boys will be going to, she's doing a super hero theme so costumes will be needed.

This has turned out long, so I'll make sure that I don't go a week between events for posts. ;^)

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