Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blocks are done!

I have all the Cascade Lizard Ridge blocks done and blocked. I've even gone back and fixed the three that I found were wonky. I learned that I shouldn't finish a block when I'm tired because I forgot to do the last little nine stitches that bring up the top point on three of them. Oddly enough two were the same color. Oh well, they're fixed now and just waiting to be laid out. Tomorrow afternoon I'll with Brandon's help try to figure out what order they'll be in so that I can start seaming them up.

I've also done some spinning on Hydrangea:

No pics of it in progress yet. Maybe tomorrow when I do the stack of blocks. I had fun spinning with it while watching Becoming Jane. Interesting movie, can't imagine never getting married though. ;^)

Norbert's nose is out of shape because Will's gone again. He looks for him during the week while he's gone. They'll both be glad when the summer is over and he's back home.

Quiet day due to a slight migraine. Lots of coffee and Excedrin Migraine and keeping out of the light. Didn't stop me from getting laundry and dishes done though. Darn house elves don't take the offerings left for them and the fairies also seem to be on strike.

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