Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burp Cloths - surprisingly difficult sometimes....

I tried on Thursday to do the Burp cloth with the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale-Multi that I had picked up on sale Wednesday night at The Knitting Bee. I should have known that the multi-color wouldn't show up the details. It didn't, but I wasn't totally sure until I was all done, I can be a slow learner sometimes.

So I ended up frogging the whole thing and starting all over, but with a different project. One that wouldn't matter with the color changes:
KerisBabyGeniusBurpCloth-1 Cool to see how the color pooled.

I started it Friday night after frogging the BURP cloth and then all day on Saturday. It made it bearable to being in the back of the car for the ride down and back to Salem for my dad's and stepmom's 40th anniversary celebration. I didn't finish it in the car but not to long after getting home.

After photographing it while the sun was still out but not visible on the pond waterfall rocks, Norbert came to supervise, I unpicked out the castoff for the Honeydew Happy Hour Hand Towel. I finished up that skein of yarn and debating a lace repeat on the Bobbie Blue Falling Water Scarf or starting the last ball of pre-drafted Hydrangea so that I can possibly ply on Monday or Tuesday. I do think that I'll try to make sure to let the last single sit overnight before plying this time though.


Monday will be homemade salsa day. We have a lot of Romas that are ripe so when we were at Winco I picked up some jalapenos and tomatillos. We have a few peppers ripening on their plants that will also join the mix. I also need to start work on the baby quilt for Keri's baby shower next Sunday. Really wished that I could have had more than a week and a half lead time before the shower!

Of course have the problem with the baby quilt is that the fabric is stuff that I over bought for another baby quilt and do I do something more than the simple blocks that I did for the last one or get fancy? I'm leaning towards a little fancier than the simple blocks but not by much. I think I'll need to also pick up some backing material, I'm all out of the cool yellow chenille that was used on the last one. Okay, technically the next to last one....

So I should spend sometime looking at designs. I shouldn't cast-on a new project. I have three that need to be finished. Of course two are scarfs and one is a shawl so they aren't quickies by any means! I'm not that far with Bobbie Blue, so that will get attention first.

Here's to a good productive week!


  1. Love the burp cloth idea. I don't know why, but I never think to knit a burp cloth. I always just sew them.
    Love love love the baby quilt. I am right in the middle of making one myself.

  2. The only reason why I thought to do one is because we have a mom with a baby in our knitting group. ;^) She's made one of the Baby Genius so I knew someone out there was using one.

    I am thinking of sewing some up with some of my leftover baby flannel too. I'll be starting the new baby quilt tomorrow. All the mental planning happened today. Good luck with yours!