Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It makes sense in a twisted way I think.....

I've cast on three different hand towel patterns and haven't been happy with any of them. One of I have already made before even. I was starting to feel like I had bad knitting karma going on.

This morning I have a theory. I've been wanting to start a pair of socks but was starting the hand towels because they were something that I could work on while I was tired and not worry about. I was starting the wrong project over and over again. So while I had knitting time that I could apply to Knit Wars, I have nothing really to show for it.

Yes, I'd like to do up the hand towels, still plan on doing it too. I just need to cast on and start working on a pair of socks first. I can then take them to the Wednesday night group or the Insomnia group and also have along a hand towel in case I start to find myself having problems with stitch count or something. Wyvern with my Jewel ShibuiKnit. It says that it only needs 140 yards for the socks hopefully that's not per sock, or I'll have an orphan sock. I don't like them as tall as designed so it should work out (am I jinxing myself?). Cause it looks like Knit/Purl only has 2 in stock......

Am I crazy? Is sock lust causing all my knitting woes lately?

The Tulip Toes, were just plain fiddly and I usually don't mind but all those freaking loose ends that have to be woven in and the way the decreases worked for the tips. On the last three petals there's either a mistake in the directions or I read them wrong. I will go back and get these done. I think they will make a nice package bow for the Tulip baby cardigan (I have the classic kit) that Madeline will get for Christmas. Anyway this ramble was to say that TT didn't count as 'socks'.
ETA Tulip photos:

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