Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New computer, new location

We had been planning for the last couple of months to move the locations of our computers from what is technically the 'family room' back over to the L area that the designer considers the dining area. We're a terrible family, we eat together but not at a dining table. ;^)

I have mentioned the new computer table that Brandon and I had been working on. Monday Brandon cut down one of the old computer tables to make a smaller version for himself. We started moving all of my craft stuff out of the new area and into the old computer area that I'll now get for my crafting.

Today, became the day that I moved to my new (to me) computer. It's Brandon's old computer (faster than my old one) that also has Vista on it. I'd moved a good portion of my stuff over a while back just keeping my knitting patterns on the old one for easy access. I've spent the afternoon getting odds and ends moved over, installing programs and the like. Thankfully my old one wasn't 'dead' so I also have it sitting beside me and my LCD monitor has two video inputs so I'm able to use the one to switch between the two computers. Does mean that I have two keyboards and mice too.

I'm sure over the next few days I'll still have adjustments that will need to happen. Finding how Vista does things, getting web sites up and running again. Brandon still needs to get my .pst file found and relocated. I could probably do it, but I'll let the techie do it instead.

Wednesday is all about cleaning up the disaster area that is now my craft area. Brandon still needs to make my new craft table. I want the old one cut down and made smaller so that it doesn't take up so much room. Moving the pieces around so they're in working order. Does look like unless he gets the table made this week, I'm not going to be able to start on Keri's baby quilt.

I had planned on making her a mobile, a handful of baby booties and a baby cardigan. Then with moving things around I found all this baby flannel from a previous baby quilt, so figured it would be a good idea to use it up and have an easy gift. I did order a few skeins of nice cotton yarn for doing the booties from Knit Picks yesterday so it will be fun to see how fast it gets here. But after a quick check looks like the money is coming out of my account tonight, so another day delay. I think I'll save the cardigan, Tulips, for Christmas.

I was able to chat with Lisa the vendor of Three by Hand Etsy store that I won my Challenge Day prize from. I got a discount on my second roving from her because she was having a sale plus she reduced my shipping costs. So very cool. She says that it averages 5 to 7 days though to ship from Ottawa. This gives me time to finish up Hydrangea though. I have two more bundles of that to spin up as a single then I start plying.

After asking Brandon what he thought would be a good color to get for the border of the Cascade Lizard Ridge, and his response of 'black or nothing'. I went for the black. I'm double crocheting the border without the scalloping effect that was done for the original. I think it will look cleaner that way personally. I didn't want to do two layers of single, so one round of double will work for me. I of course didn't have a full skein of yarn, just what was leftover from doing strips in the blocks, and seaming up the whole thing. I ended up two and a half blocks short of finishing it. So I'll buy the black tomorrow from The Knitting Bee and finish it up at knit night at Hagen's. That'll be a quicky project so I'll also bring along the Happy Hour hand towel. I think it's getting closer to being done too.

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