Monday, August 18, 2008

Nearer to a craft room!

Brandon today made my new craft table. He took the door that had been made into a desktop and cut it down to four feet long and then created the shelves at one end also doing double duty as legs. I have storage under the table other than just crates, I have one of those that will have the stuff stay in there for a while. The stuff that have been in bags though will go on the shelves. My cutting board (the huge three foot wide one) is on the top and I just need to move the sewing machine over to that table. I have a folding table that I'd gotten from Costco that I've been using a sewing table but it's wobbly. Moved a run that had been out in the garage for Brandon's D & D gaming into the craft area to break up the floor.

We're getting a new sectional from his dad and stepmom on Wednesday. They're bringing it up from the Bay Area because of a family reunion on Saturday. So my chair and a half that has been in the garage will come into my craft room for seating (reading or knitting without TV). Brandon will move the two couches out into the garage and balance furniture out there until we can decide what goes on Craigslist. He'll do the carpet cleaning (vacuuming, steamcleaner running) also while I finish getting the craft room presentable.

Tuesday is also the start of quilt construction. I have the plans in my head, have plenty of fabric to accomplish it, I don't even have to go get more thankfully. So sewing/cleaning/knitting/plying over the next few days. I may also try to sew up a few burp cloths from the flannel too.

I'd like the quilt done by Thursday so that the Insomnia group can see it before the shower (Alyssa said she hoped she could see it) and think that's a good plan. I also got the last of the Hydrangea spun up as a single. So need to ply that. I've been putting time back in with Bobbie Blue Falling Water Scarf too. Four repeats done so far and hopefully one more before bed. So this puts me at 75 or 80 percent done depending upon if I do 70 or 74 inches long.

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