Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deep Blue Sea and Jewel Wyvern Socks

I've finished up Deep Blue Sea Sinuate Scarf. I didn't do the fringe because I'm not a big fringe person. It's all blocked too. No photos yet because it was too late by the time it was done blocking to take good photos. ETA photos:

I was having some serious cramping and fighting off a migraine this afternoon and didn't want to be around a lot of people so didn't go to Hagen's for the Wednesday night knit group.

So instead I cast on the Wyvern Sock with the previously mentioned Jewel Shibuiknit. I'm liking the yarn so far:

I'm not going to do the p2, k2, on the bottom of the foot though. I think it would be slightly uncomfortable to stand on personally. I sometimes can feel my other hand knit socks when I'm standing in them for long periods.

So now I'm trying to resist the call of the merino/silk fiber to start spinning up one of the colors....

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